Black marlin

black marlin are probably the most consistent of the marlin that visit Kenyan waters, numbers caught annually have stayed steady over the last 20 years. Black marlin come closer to shore and are often encountered in very shallow water. The preferred fishing technique is live baiting of tuna or bonito. The buffalo of the species be prepared for the fight of your life. If you haven’t done your homework he’ll find you out and be gone. Often fighting deep while using their pectoral fins to hold themselves down in the water or greyhounding away in brutal surges from the boat. What ever the size these fish are truly worthy adversaries.

Black marlin peak traditionally twice in the Kenyan season, medium size Blacks (up to about 500lbs) can arrive in decent numbers off the Watamu Banks at the start of the season and again in high season when the bigger fish are more common. Blacks have been caught up to 860lbs on rod and line with many granders being fought and lost in these warm, oxygenated, food rich waters.

Recommended Target dates: July to August or February to mid March

Target fishing area: Watamu early season then all along North Coast in high season.